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February 16, 2022by Kim Ashiza0

It is the feelings of attraction, passion, and being in love with someone else that make up the energies of the Lovers card.


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Lovers Tarot Card Meaning LoveLovers card represents being connected with another person on a deep level, where they are no longer just two separate people but one whole person together as one unit, moving forward as one entity or as one couple.

This is what the Lovers card means – connection and love between two people in a relationship together – not just sex or lust between two people who are physically connected but don’t feel anything for each other except for sexual attraction for each other.

It also involves other people in the couple’s life who are attracted to the relationship between the two people.

These are sometimes called “lovers” or “exes” by other people because they are attracted to the person who is having a relationship with another person – whether that be a current lover or an ex-lover.

However, some people feel like they have lost their soulmates when they start dating someone new after breaking up with their previous partner.

The Lovers card means that there is no loss of a soulmate or of a connection to another person after breaking up with someone because it is still present as energy or connection within your life – even if you no longer have any physical connection with that person at all.

It also means that it is possible to have strong feelings for someone else without having any physical attraction for them.

Sometimes, the Lovers card can mean having strong feelings for someone but not being able to act on those feelings because of some past experience or an old wound from the past.

The Lovers card can also mean wanting to have sex with someone but not being able to because of some past experience or an old wound from the past.

If you have experienced either of these situations before and feel like you can’t act on your strong feelings for someone else – or that you are stuck in a situation where you can’t act on your strong feelings for someone else – then the Lovers card may be telling you that there is something holding you back from acting on those feelings.

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