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July 22, 2022by Kim Ashiza0

At Tarostrology, we take the time to test the services offered by Psychics so that you go into a reading well informed. Today we are sharing our experience with Sacred Waters.

Sacred Waters is an amazing psychic with a gift for sensing the energies of others. She is able to read cards and give readings that are full of insight and compassion. I have had several readings with her and each time I have been blown away by her ability to connect with spirit. She is also non-judgmental and allows the reader to be open and honest about their thoughts and feelings. I would definitely say that Sacred Waters is a true gifted medium!

She was able to provide me with some very helpful advice and I plan on using her services in the future. I thought the price was very reasonable as well; definitely worth it! She’ll help you to connect with your loved ones on the other side and help you to find clarity and guidance on your current path.


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What I love the most about Sacred Waters is her willingness to help readers connect with their higher power. She is a true gift to the psychic community. I could not have left our call feeling more positive about the outcome. Thank you so much for all that you do, Sacred Waters! It is truly appreciated!

Here’s what you need to prepare for your reading with Sacred Waters: Sacred Waters is a gifted psychic who relies heavily on her intuition and empathy. Before your reading, you will need to prepare yourself by clearing your mind and focusing on your intention. You should also let her know if there are specific cards, symbols, or people that are important to you in your reading. Sacred Waters may also ask you to bring any objects that may have special meaning to you in your reading.

It’s also important to be aware that the energy you carry will affect your reading. Sacred Waters will not force any information on you, but will allow you to open up and explore your thoughts and feelings. She’ll also help you to connect with your higher power and get clarity on your current situation.

Finally, be prepared to have a truly amazing reading with Sacred Waters! Sometimes, it may even get quite overwhelming. Such is the power of a gifted medium like Sacred Waters. But she’ll put you right at ease. I was extremely nervous leading up to our call, but it ended up being one of the best readings I’ve ever had. I would highly recommend a reading with Sacred Waters- you won’t be disappointed!

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