Leo Monthly Forecast

MAR 21-APR 19
Life & Money

The full moon in Leo brings with it an urge to assert your authority, to claim what you want.

It is a time when you may be focused on new ventures or projects you have been planning. You will also make plans for fresh adventures or travel to places you have never been before. All this will give you great motivation and inspiration!

This month, you may feel that you are spending too much money. It is not the time to spend money on luxury items, but it is a good time to invest in yourself and help you live a comfortable lifestyle when times get tough.

If you find yourself in this situation, it’s essential to consider your finances. If you are struggling financially, then perhaps you should look at changing your spending habits. Try to spend less on luxuries and more on investing in yourself and your future—this will make a big difference!


You are very attracted to someone assertive and dominant. They may be someone who has a lot of energy or is high-spirited and lively. They attract you because they are solid and robust—and you want to be with someone like that!

You may feel that your partner is so forceful that they could make everything happen, even if it meant taking control over you. You may also think that this person would be very good at supporting you in achieving your goals.

You will also be more assertive than usual, especially when making plans for the future. You will want things planned out before they happen, going smoothly and without problems. If this applies to you, the relationship could become more romantic than usual as you try to show your partner how much they mean to you!


The full moon in Leo brings with it an urge to assert yourself at work. As a result, you are more assertive than usual and perhaps more high-strung than usual.

You will look for new ways of asserting yourself and making things happen. You are not likely to sit back and watch things unfold–you will take action now.

You will also look for ways to make more money at work, but Leo is the most materialistic sign! Don’t spend too much money on luxury items. They won’t bring in any extra income!

It’s better to invest money into yourself to generate interest over time and allow you to live a comfortable lifestyle when times get tough.


This month your dominant energy type is Fire—so you may feel a little more energetic than usual. You may feel powerful, but don’t push yourself too hard!

It could mean that your health is likely to be good, as long as you don’t push yourself too hard or become overexerted. Your digestive system could also be better than usual because of all the food you have been eating lately!

You may also notice that your stomach or digestion feels unsettled during the month. If so, try taking some extra vitamins or probiotics during the month.

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