Libra Weekly Forecast

SEP 23-OCT 22

This week, Libra feels uneasy about their decision to stay in an unhappy relationship. Libra is concerned they are making all the wrong decisions and should probably be out of the relationship by now.

They are trying to decide if they should leave or try to work things out.

This week, the querent will receive some money they need or want, but it will be pretty unexpected.

Someone who wants to get something from them may suddenly pursue them, whether for their money or information about them.

This week, the querent will find a problem with their home or environment that needs fixing.

It may involve fixing a leaky faucet or replacing a broken appliance. It could also be something like an irritating bug in the house and needs to be dealt with.


It is a beautiful week for someone considering leaving their current relationship. They will be very successful in whatever they decide to do, but it will require a great deal of effort.

They will have to learn new ways of thinking and being, which will not come easily or quickly. However, if they decide to leave, this is a good time for them to find another place to live and settle into their new life with little effort.


The querent will have an excellent dream this week that has some symbolic meaning for them. Libra may also have some other pursuits that are less significant but still important, such as a nightmare that represents some terrible experience from their past or something else frightening or upsetting from this week’s news or events.

It can help give them insight into what’s bothering them.

This week, the querent will experience an unpleasant encounter at work, either in person or by phone.

They will deal with someone difficult to deal with or someone who is arguing about something with them.


This week, the querent will be exposed to risk or danger, whether it’s a real or imagined one. Therefore, it is best to avoid being alone at night and walking alone in dangerous areas. We also recommend being careful with the people you choose to associate with.

The planetary influences will cause stress and tension within the querent and cause a temporary loss of appetite and insomnia. In addition, it can make the querent feel anxious, worried and stressed.

They cannot focus on any tasks or plans for the week. They may also experience bouts of anger, frustration, and feeling trapped or oppressed. The querent may feel irritable with other people in their life, especially those closest to them.

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