Cancer Weekly Forecast

JUN 21-JUL 22

We expect this week to be the beginning of a new trend and the week when the full Moon occurs. It is the best time for cleansing and cleansing. It is also a good time for rejuvenation and healing.

You may have financial problems this week. You may need to make some changes to get things back on track. However, if you don’t take control of your finances now, there will be more severe problems later on when it is too late to change anything.

It could also be a period of depression or sadness about money matters that need resolving now.


It is an excellent time to be assertive, honest, and direct. You may find yourself when you choose something that requires your opinion and skills. It is essential to stand up for yourself and others.

It will be difficult for you to put up with others’ opinions, but it will be beneficial to know your needs, especially if others are not meeting them.

This week is also an excellent time to look after your interests and the surrounding people.

Cancer can bring about intense emotional love, but this is not always positive or healthy. It can also bring about long-term, committed relationships with the same person.

You can expect to be very emotional. Still, it could also bring about difficult situations where you cannot express yourself emotionally because of past traumas, stress, or emotional pain.

Cancer is an earth sign, which brings more emotions into the relationship than most other signs do. It can be a good thing if you can work through the issues together and work out your differences to deal with them as a couple, rather than apart from each other as individuals trying to resolve their problems independently.


It is an excellent time to prepare for changes in your career. You may find yourself in a position where you have to make a choice that requires your opinion and skills. Therefore, it is essential to stand up for yourself and others.

You may have to change your career or find additional work that better suits your abilities and interests. You may use the Moon’s energy for your own needs.


It is an excellent time to check on your progress and check your general health. The Moon will increase in power and may be accompanied by a sharp increase in hormone levels, including progesterone and estrogen, which can affect moods and energy levels, or symptoms of PMS or menopause such as hot flashes or night sweats.

You may experience feelings of fear, anxiety, restlessness or irritability that are likely to come from fluctuations in hormones or food sensitivities. It will affect your relationships with others, and you may find yourself more emotional than usual.

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