Libra Monthly Forecast

SEP 23-OCT 22
Life & Money

This month, we have seen that the horoscope is highly inauspicious. The negative Jupiter, the ruler of fortune, will not let us enjoy any gains or benefits this month.

Saturn and Venus are both negatively influenced by this astrological planet. However, even though the future is not looking dazzling, it is still essential to focus on things that you can control.

This month is a time for those who are extremely busy to focus on getting everything done so that they do not miss out on their goals and dreams.

During this month, the negative influence of Saturn and Venus on your money matters will cause some problems with your finances since both planets are making their influences quite damaging this month.

Jupiter will also be negatively affecting your finances, so they might not be looking too great during this period.

However, if you do some hard work and focus on getting things done right now, your finances might improve during this period. Also, if you follow the advice that we have given you in this month’s article, you will make some money.


During this month, the influence of Saturn and Venus on your love life is quite negative. Thus, you may not enjoy the same amount of love you usually do during this period.

However, you can still try to make many efforts and take advantage of the opportunities to have a more satisfying love life.

You need to keep in mind that all matters related to love are not always as easy as they seem. Thus, you understand it is always best for you to focus on making things last longer.


It will not be straightforward for you to achieve any gains or profits related to your career during this month since Saturn and Venus negatively affect your career.

However, if you are working hard and focusing on getting things done right now, you can achieve some gains or profits related to your career during this month.


During this month, the destructive influence of Jupiter and Saturn and Venus will affect your health. Jupiter rules all health-related matters. Unfortunately, it has also been damaging all of its forces this month.

Thus, your health may not be that great during this month since you might have some issues related to your liver or blood pressure and because you might get too many headaches and dizzy spells during this period. You may also feel fatigued throughout the day since the Sun is being affected by Saturn.

However, you can get over these problems if you will do a lot of exercise and physical activities during this period. Also, you can try to eat foods that are good for your health and drink lots of water during this period.

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