Aquarius Weekly Forecast

JAN 20-FEB 18

This week will be mostly about our hopes and expectations for the future. It can include how we will achieve our goals, or it can be about what we expect from others.

The planets involved this week will influence what happens to us and our lives, whether that is positive or negative. As a result, we will often have a new opportunity to think of ways to improve things in our lives, whether that is at work or with friends and family.

This week will see a lot of new opportunities for us to make money. It may offer us some work that could bring in a lot of money, or we could meet someone who wants to help us out with some extra cash.

Either way, this can be good as it can mean that we will pay off debts, or it can mean that we will have enough money to make new plans for the future.

It is a good time for us to think about how we want to move forward with our finances and how we want to get more control over our lives. It is not always easy, but if you are prepared to make changes, then you should find that your life becomes more accessible and more enjoyable over the coming weeks.


We will have more romantic expectations of what we can achieve in our love life in the coming week. As a result, we may be more willing to give up on people who are not giving us what we want. But it can be good as it will realize what we need to do to move forward with our relationships.

However, this can make us think other people are not being honest with us, and it may cause some misunderstandings. Therefore, it is good to keep an open mind in relationships and not assume that someone is trying to take advantage of you, as this could be the case.


This week will see a tendency for us to focus more on our careers and our work. It can mean that we may spend more time working on a project or thinking about changing jobs, or even starting our own business.

If this interests us, then it could be a good idea for us to talk about it with others, as this can help us decide what we want to do in the future. Furthermore, if we have friends who share our interests, this could help us with some new ideas.


The best way to get healthy over the coming week is to make sure that you are eating well and getting enough exercise.

It can be difficult as we are always busy and often find it hard to fit exercise into our lives, but see that your health improves if you focus on doing this.

It is also essential to ensure you are getting enough sleep each night. If you are not sleeping well, it can affect your health and how much energy you have throughout the day.

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