Capricorn Weekly Forecast

DEC 22-JAN 19

This week the stars show an unsettled weather pattern. So if you feel unsure about your life, look at your home and make sure you organize it and clean it.

If you want to attract luck, prepare yourself by doing good deeds. Also, keep your relationships sound and try to understand the other person’s point of view.

You can expect some complex projects to come up on the job front in the next few days. But, unfortunately, it can also lead to losses and financial problems if you are not careful enough.

If your boss demands you, discuss the issue with them, but do not create any scenes. Keep cool in all situations, as anger will only make things worse for you in the long run.

This week, the stars show you will be less lucky regarding money. You can expect to face financial problems and delays in paying off your debts.

If you plan to buy something, do not make any rash decisions as this can only lead to bad luck. Instead, try to focus on your work rather than spending time with others or socializing too much.

The stars also say that making new friends this week and having some big plans for coming up in the next few days can change your life forever!


If you are looking for love, the stars say it will be a week of difficulties. You can have your heart broken by someone whom you trust. However, if you try to take advantage of this situation, you will only be hurt.

It is better to be cautious and avoid the other person in the future.

The stars say that of being lonely this week and unhappy with your partner. So try to find someone new and make sure that you get along well together.

Also, try to spend more time with your family and make sure that they are happy. If they are not satisfied, it is better to talk about it rather than let it fester for long hours in silence.


This week Capricorn will focus on their career plans. To do this, they must first take care of his personal life. Once he does this, he will develop his career goals and objectives.

This week Capricorn will see the importance of doing what people expect of them in their job. To help with this, they will ask for the support of others to succeed. They may also need to learn more about how others in his position work.

The planets involved with Capricorn this week can cause a variety of emotions and thoughts. The surrounding stars can also affect these feelings and ideas and where they lead.


This week, the stars show you will take care of your health. It can also lead to an increase in energy levels and a reduction in fatigue if you keep yourself fit and healthy.

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