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You may have read or heard about the incredible power of the law of attraction to bring your dreams to life. If you have already tried manifestation, you are aware of how challenging it may be. In order to maintain your level of drive and attention, you want to utilize all of the resources at your disposal.

Watching manifestation documentaries and movies can inspire you to keep going despite failures, in addition to offering further advice regarding what to avoid and what to do. The top documentaries and motion pictures on applying the law of attraction to materialize goals are included in this article.

What Are the Best Law Of Attraction Documentaries And Movies?

1. Napoleon Hill’s Master Key (1954)

The first manifestation documentary, created by one of its fervent supporters Napoleon Hill, is now accessible to see in its entirety.

The narrator of this video is Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, a classic work on the law of attraction. Dr. Hill presents the 13 success principles in this 13-part television series that he developed after years of watching successful people. A single YouTube video contains all 13 episodes.

2. The Secret (2006)

The ultimate law of attraction documentary is this one. After the publication of this manifestation documentary/movie, the entire globe became aware of this incredible idea.

It discusses numerous facets of using the law of attraction to materialize. How to use it, how it functions, and what users’ experiences have been. You don’t need to go much farther if you’re seeking inspiration. This is available on Netflix.

Best Law Of Attraction Documentaries And Movies

3. Heal (2017)

One of the newest films in the law of attraction series is this one. It emphasizes the manifestation’s connection to health and healing. You may learn here how to use your mind’s healing abilities to treat physical diseases.

With its potent storyline and storytelling, this documentary will completely blow you away. It will be difficult for you to not be motivated by it. Among other places, you may watch it on Prime Video or Netflix.

4. The Soul of Success: The Jack Canfield Story (2017)

Everyone is familiar with Jack Canfield as the creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series. He is a passionate supporter of the law of attraction and a popular motivational speaker. He uses his personal experience as evidence.

He tells his own tale in this law of attraction documentary. It explains how he established himself as a brand and got popular with his book series. This is available on Amazon Prime Video.

5. What the bleep do you know? (2004)

This is a fictitious account of a photographer called Amanda told in a documentary-style. The documentary establishes a connection between quantum physics and consciousness through multiple interviews with practicing scientists.

Through Amanda’s character, who goes via emotional and physical struggles in life, the film addresses the notion of how we may affect the physical environment through individual and collective consciousness. This is viewable on YouTube.

6. Conversation With God (2006)

This recounts the real life of Walsch, who had a profound impact on the lives of millions of individuals throughout the globe. When he is involved in a vehicle accident, his mission gets off to a poor start. In a fit of rage as his life started to fall apart, he posed many inquiries to God. When he got responses, he was taken aback. In a book with the same title, he revealed to the public his dialogues with God. This quickly achieved success. You may watch this on YouTube.

7. The Shift- by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer (2009)

The film follows Dr. Dyer’s life journey from ambition and ego to meaning and purpose. As he was suffering from a fatal disease, this film was his final gift to the world. You may discover the meaning and purpose of your own life by using the knowledge and advice he imparts throughout the film. Dr. Dyer contends that real pleasure as well as fulfillment in life need a paradigm change. In order to achieve your goals, you must think positively. You may watch this on YouTube.

8. The Compass (2009)

Through the Traveler persona, this film recounts the experiences of  Dr. John Spencer Ellis, a wellness expert. He discusses his discoveries on how people might achieve success and reach their greatest potential.

According to Dr. Ellis, only 20 percent of our lives are influenced by heredity, with the remaining 80 percent being governed by our beliefs, attitudes, and willingness. Dr. Ellis provides us with resources and motivational ideas in this film to help us live our best lives. This is viewable on YouTube.

9. You Can Heal Your Life (2007)

This motivational film is based on the same-titled book by Louise L. Hay. The plot of the film is on Louise’s life, the difficulties she faced, and how she overcame them. She claims that using empowering statements to overcome obstacles was helpful.

Through interviews and the stories of others who have experienced similar things, the narrative comes to life. In addition to this, the film shows us several methods and instruments for making that shift. This is viewable on YouTube.

10. The Inner Weigh (2010)

This movie demonstrates how using your thoughts may help you lose weight. It teaches us that our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs affect how our bodies are arranged.

This movie is perfect for you if you have trouble sticking to diet regimens and losing weight. It provides you with alternative strategies for getting the ideal figure. This movie is essential viewing for anyone who finds it difficult to maintain healthy eating habits after a couple days or weeks. You may watch this on YouTube.


You will gain a deeper understanding of life by watching these documentaries and motion pictures about the law of attraction. Don’t think of “Law of Attraction” as a contemporary phrase. It describes the spiritual process through which everything comes into being. Use this to understand your actual nature and how you were created rather than merely associating it with luxury and automobiles.

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