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August 18, 2022by Kim Ashiza0

At Tarostrology, we take the time to test the services offered by Psychics so that you go into a reading well informed. Today we are sharing our experience with Alder-and-Ash.

I recently had a reading with Alder-and-Ash. She was very sweet and gentle, and her readings were very accurate. I came away feeling enlightened and informed after my reading. I highly recommend her!

Talking to her about my pet gave me a lot of comfort and understanding, and I felt like she got to know my animal. I would go back to have another reading with her.

Best reading I’ve ever had. She was very nice and the reading was amazing.

I was blown away by my reading with Alder-and-Ash. She connected so well with me and she had a lot of very insightful information about my loved ones that have passed over. She gave me advice on how to help them transition into the next life and also gave me an understanding of why they were in that life. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance from their guides or spirits who have passed over!


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Alder-and-Ash is a lovely woman who can get to the heart of things, including some things I hadn’t even realized I needed clarity on, such as things about my work, home, relationships, family, etc… And she is so very pleasant and helpful in the process. Very uplifting experience!

I have seen Alder many times now for various reasons: some practical, some healing, and some psychic readings. Alder has always been professional and kind but most importantly accurate with her messages/revelations. I look forward to many more readings with her in the future!

She was great! She is kind, warm, gentle, and very knowledgeable on spiritual matters (

Reaching out to her was a blessing and I was able to gain some insight and clarity about some issues I have been having.

I had a very uplifting experience with Alder-and-Ash. She was very compassionate and genuine. I enjoyed the reading and she helped me realize that I was doing the right thing in changing my path in life.

She is a wonderful woman who can connect on an emotional level. She connected so well with me that it felt like she knew me for years! I highly recommend her!

Alder-and-Ash was amazing. She’s extremely talented and easy to talk to, but also very insightful! She connected so well with my spirit guides, which has given me more insight into what they are trying to tell me through her readings. Definitely, worth the money, I would highly recommend her!

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