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The basic principle of Astrology is to analyze the planetary positions of all the stars in the sky and discover their effects on a person’s life. The study of Astrology also aims at finding out how those positions will change with time and how they can be used to predict the future. Astrology is considered to be a pseudo-science since it does not provide definite proof for its predictions, but it does provide valuable insight into our life and human nature.

A Brief Explanation of Astrology

Astrology is a study that traces out the relationship between heavenly bodies (stars) and earthly events (human beings). The belief that there are relationships between heavenly bodies and earthly events is found in every culture in every age, but only in recent times has it been recognized as an academic discipline.


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Many ancient cultures such as Egypt, Greece, India, China, and Persia regarded astrology as a science which explained all aspects of nature. Although it was used as a guide for many aspects of daily life like planting crops or planning journeys, there was no recognition that this could explain personal destiny or predict future events.

The birth chart or horoscope refers to the arrangement of stars at one’s birth. According to this chart, one’s character can be predicted based on the influence of the stars. The astrologer can read the character of a person from the arrangement of stars at his or her birth. This arrangement will be used to predict the personality and characteristics of that person.

Astrology Uranus in Scorpio

The Astrology Uranus in Scorpio is a difficult and at the same time interesting topic to talk about. There are a lot of things that can be said about this position, but there is no definite conclusion. The main thing is that Uranus in Scorpio is an extremely unstable position which can easily be influenced by other planets. It is a strong position and if it is combined with the Moon or Venus, it can make for a good reading.

Uranus in Scorpio usually indicates a rebellious attitude towards authority and traditional values. Uranus will sometimes act like a psychopath and go against society, but on the other hand, it can sometimes work together with other planets to influence its actions positively. Uranus in Scorpio is often associated with revolution and struggle for independence, but sometimes it can also mean extreme pessimism and hopelessness. This sign also indicates hidden emotions which are not expressed directly by the person who has this placement of Uranus.

In general, this placement of Uranus has an unhappy effect on the person’s life and there are often many inner conflicts which cause mental anguish and unhappiness. The main reason for this position being so negative is that it is not supported by the rest of the planets. It can also be a position of confusion and pessimism, which makes it even more difficult to interpret.

The positive side of Uranus in Scorpio is that it is a strong position and this can sometimes lead to unexpected and creative results. The negative side of this position is that it can lead to extreme behavior and can make the person who has it very restless and anxious.

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