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March 2, 2022by Kim Ashiza0

In love and relationship, you will find the five of wands in the hands of lovers and friends.


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Five of Wands Tarot Card Meaning LoveFive of wands is a card that represents the quest for love and peace. It also depicts that love is the foundation of all things. It also symbolizes the bond between two people, and it brings about their happy reunion.

This is why it is considered one of the most beautiful and amazing cards in tarot reading.

The five of wands in the tarot card can also mean that love is something that you cannot control or foresee.

You may be in a relationship but it does not mean that you can always be together all the time, just like what happened to our favorite heroine Alice in Wonderland.

In fact, you are not always sure if you are really with your lover when there’s no communication at all or when they disappear without saying anything to you at all.

It could also be like what happened to the hapless wizard Gandalf when he came across a bunch of orcs on his way back home after destroying Saruman’s power in the Lord Of The Rings book series.

Five of wands means that you may be surrounded by a lot of problems, but you still need to be together with your loved one.

This card also shows that love is something that is not a matter of chance. It is something that must be earned and deserves to be honored and respected.

In the end, it is about having love and trust in yourself.

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