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February 22, 2022by Kim Ashiza0

On a new moon, the fool is in love.

This card can be a fun card, because it indicates an inner journey, a journey of self-discovery. When this card appears, you may be feeling somewhat disoriented and in need of some direction.


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Fool Tarot Card Meaning LoveYou may feel you are being pulled in different directions by different forces within yourself and your environment. Perhaps you are trying to figure out who you are and what your purpose is in life.

You may be feeling confused about who you really are and what your real desires are. In many ways, this is an internal struggle between the “fool” and the “wise one.”

The fool wants to explore all possibilities, while the wise one wants to know which choices will bring him/her closer to their goal or purpose in life.

The fool wants to feel free to do whatever they want without regard for anyone else’s opinion or needs; they want to live as they please without restrictions or expectations from others.

They want their own way and expect others to respect that way of living; they demand that others accept them just as they are – free of any thought that there might be something they can do to improve themselves.

They are falling in love with a new person, or perhaps they are in love with themselves – not a very wise thing to do!


The Fool is sometimes called the “ancient fool” or the “wandering one.” This card symbolizes an attitude of playfulness and an attitude of freedom.

The Fool card indicates that you are having fun playing around and doing things that you feel are enjoyable, without much regard for others’ opinions or judgments.

In some ways, this is a selfish card – it does not concern itself with how others feel about you; it does not consider others’ needs and wants. The Fool may be more concerned with how he/she feels about life than how others feel about him/her.

In this way, the Fool is very self-centered and may not be aware of how he/she is affecting others.

They may be happy and carefree, or they may be feeling very relaxed and carefree – a state of playfulness. They feel that they are just living their life, enjoying themselves, and not really thinking about anything else.

This card indicates a time when you can feel free to do whatever you want without any real concern for how others will react to your actions or decisions.

In some ways, this card is similar to the Ten of Pentacles (which follows), but the Fool does not seem to give much thought to the consequences of his/her actions; he/she simply does what feels good and leaves others alone to deal with the results of his/her actions.

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