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January 29, 2022by Kim Ashiza0

The King of Cups, also known as the Lover, is the 7th card in the Major Arcana and can be found in the second position in the second trump suit.


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King of Cups Tarot Card Meaning LoveLove is shown by The King of Cups. It’s his job to show that love can be achieved and spread to others.

It also means that you have all you need to get what you want. You are able to provide love to others, which will make them happy and satisfied.

The King of Cups meaning is about spreading love and appreciation for your partner or partner’s partner. You both share a deep connection and you want to give them what they need and want from their relationship.

It can also mean that there are certain situations where you should not involve yourself or share your feelings with someone else because it will not be good for them. It will not only affect them but other people around them as well.

How to read the King of Cups Tarot Card

To interpret the King of Cups meaning, you must look at the card’s position in the Major Arcana. This will tell you how it relates to the rest of the cards in that suit.

The 2nd position means that this card is following or has followed another card. It will often show a connection between two different things.

For example, The Emperor and The Fool, which are both in their 2nd position, show that love is spread between these two people.

The 2nd position can also mean that the next card will show how you will be affected by the person or situation that you are in.

The King of Cups meaning is often used to tell about love and relationships. It’s used to describe how two people feel about each other, whether they like each other or not and what they think about their partner’s feelings towards them.

If you are in a relationship, the next card will tell you how your partner will be affected by your actions. If you are single, the next card will tell you how your relationship with love or someone else will be affected by another person.

This card can also show that if a couple breaks up or get into an argument, there could be a chance for them to try again in the future if they learn from their mistakes.

It’s also used to explain why one person is not able to commit or want to commit because of something negative in their past relationship.

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