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January 27, 2022by Kim Ashiza0

The Knight of Cups is a very positive card, but can also be interpreted as very negative. It could represent you as a lover, a lover of love or one who wants to win the love of another.


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Knight of Cups Tarot Card Meaning LoveOne who loves to love. One who loves and feels compassion for others. One who loves unconditionally and is willing to give that love freely.

The feeling of being in love. The emotion of being in love with someone or something.

If you feel no emotions for anyone else and are only focused on one person, then this is what the Knight of Cups card means for you.

If you are not currently in a relationship, then this could mean that you want to find a relationship that can fill your need for connection and intimacy with another person, while still allowing you to be totally devoted to them without feeling like they are getting more than their fair share from your attention or your time spent together with them; which means that you would have to have some kind of agreement in place to this effect.

This can also be interpreted as very negative if you are not open to the idea of love or are afraid of being vulnerable.

Knight of cups card can mean that you do not have a sense of belonging, so therefore you would need to have an understanding of what you want from a relationship in order to move forward with one.

This card could also indicate that you are ready for a new relationship that will provide love and support and encouragement, but that the other person is not quite ready for this type of relationship.

It may mean that they will become ready as time goes on and they come into their own.

If you are currently in a relationship and you have an understanding of what it is that you want, then this card could indicate that you are feeling a sense of confusion or uncertainty.

You may feel confused as to whether or not your current relationship is right for you, and therefore it could be time to reassess your priorities and priorities with the relationship.

It could also mean that the other person is not giving you the support and love that you need, so perhaps they need to change their approach to their relationship with you.

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