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February 4, 2022by Kim Ashiza0

Moon is a card of new beginnings, of change, and of creative inspiration. This card is often seen as a card of motherhood and the feminine, but it can also represent romantic love and the bond between two people.


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Moon Tarot Card Meaning LoveThe moon represents the changes in our lives, both positive and negative. It represents new beginnings, birth, growth, healing, and re-birth. It shows that we are in transition in some way and need to learn to adapt to these changes in order to be happy.

The moon can also be seen as being like a mother figure to us. The moon shines light on our world so that we can see what is happening around us, giving us information that helps us understand ourselves better.

If we do not acknowledge this information about ourselves it will have a negative effect on our lives because we will not know how to act appropriately when faced with certain situations or circumstances.

In other words if we do not listen to what the moon tells us then it can result in unnecessary suffering or confusion.

The reason for this is because the moon’s message is always positive – it tells us exactly what needs to happen so that we can achieve peace and happiness within ourselves; however if we ignore this information then we can end up acting in a way that causes more problems for ourselves and others.

In some tarot decks the moon is shown with a crescent-shaped halo of light surrounding it, indicating that it is a good card.

In others the moon is shown with a crescent-shaped halo of light, indicating that it is a negative card. The meaning of the moon in the tarot will depend on which version of the card you are looking at.

Moon represents hope because it is seen as being like a new beginning or birth, so if we see this card in our tarot then we know that something exciting and new is about to happen in our lives.

In some decks, such as the Thoth Tarot, The Lovers and The Wheel of Fortune, this card represents hope.

It represents hope because it is one of the cards that can be seen as a bridge between two different tarot decks – this means that when this card appears in one deck it can indicate that a person who belongs to another deck has arrived or will arrive soon at a place where they belong.

The image on the moon here shows us a woman who is sitting on her bed looking out into space; she appears to be looking at something with great interest but she does not seem happy about what she sees.

This could mean that there are problems or changes happening in her life at present but she does not yet know what these problems are.

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