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July 5, 2022by Kim Ashiza0

At Tarostrology, we take the time to test the services offered by Psychics so that you go into a reading well informed. Today we are sharing our experience with Novas.

Novas was such a delight! She was so intuitive, and I felt like she really connected with me on a personal level. She was able to provide clear guidance about my loved ones who have passed on, and helped me get closure on so much. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for guidance from the other side.


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I haven’t had the pleasure of hiring the services of reiki healers before I booked a session with Novas. So while I wasn’t too sure about it, the session went great. She was very intuitive and had a great ability to tune in to my energy. I definitely plan on booking more sessions with her in the future!

I thought she was amazing! She’s great at building a spiritual connection with her clients, and she was able to provide me with some great insights about my deceased loved ones. I was feeling so down about them before our session, but after she talked to them and sent positive energy my way, I felt so much better. She really helped me with my healing process. You won’t be disappointed if you book a session with Novas.

I do recommend that you come prepared if you’ve booked a session with Novas. This is so that you can have a clear conversation with her, and that you’re not left wondering what was said or what was asked. Overall, I thought the experience was great and would definitely recommend her to others.

You should also know that Novas is a psychic medium and a Reiki healer. She can connect with loved ones who have passed if they are willing and send positive light and reiki to your energy. She has been a psychic medium since childhood and has always had the ability to talk to the deceased.

Try to approach a session with her with an open mind. Don’t expect that everything will be answered right away, as it may take some time for her to connect with your loved ones. However, she is an excellent medium and will be able to provide you with clear guidance about what was said or what was asked. You will be able to feel the positive energy she sends your way, and it will help you to heal.

Overall, I thought Novas was an excellent medium and would definitely recommend her to others. She is a great listener, and her intuitive skills are second to none.

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