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October 1, 2022by Kim Ashiza0

The Page of Swords Tarot Card is associated with the idea of a mystery or an enigma. It is the unknown and it is often a matter of fear, surprise, or excitement.

If you were asked to pick a card to represent the unknown, you would be hard pressed to find one more suitable than the Page of Swords. The sword cuts across your path – cutting away all that you have known and making way for what lies ahead.


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How to Interpret

Page of Swords Tarot Card Meaning Love

If the Page of Swords tarot card is showing up in your reading, it could mean that there’s something new and exciting about to happen in your life. Or it could mean that you’re about to face some kind of unexpected challenge or change. Either way, it’ll be an important moment in your life – so pay attention!

You don’t have to be scared of the unknown – in fact, it’s one of the most exciting things in life. But it’s important to be prepared for whatever comes your way. The card that opens with two swords indicates that you are planning to take a different path or think differently. The suit of the weapon indicates that you are mentally able to think clearly and act intelligently, or that you have the ability to do things that are physically challenging. This is a good card to give you the confidence to begin doing things that are different, whether it is mentally stimulating, healthy or simply speaking clearly. It is encouraging that you do things that you want to do that are out of your comfort zone.

Page of Swords on Love

This card indicates someone who is very feisty and often feels very worried about what others think of them. In love relationships, lovers may seem afraid of having to confront others emotionally; they will probably be very avoidants if they are confronted with these difficulties.

As a feeling or describing a physical sensation, the Reading of the Swords tarot love symbol signals a romantic relationship, which is somewhat intellectual, with lovers who like to have long talks, but who are warier of intimate relationships. One spouse may also think it is not always what they are seeking emotionally, which can lead to arguments. Can indicate even small arguments that start off as a small quarrel with one of your partners, but when they are not resolved, they can easily escalate into a much more serious argument.

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