Planets In RetrogradePlanets In Retrograde Meaning

July 5, 2022by Kim Ashiza0

Planets in retrograde are one of the most mysterious and exciting periods in a planet’s life. The planets that are seen in retrograde are not only observed to be traveling backward, but also some of them may also be seen to stop moving forward, for example the Mercury Retrograde period.

Planets which are observed to be traveling backward or stopping at times is not normal for these planets and this usually happens during the major planetary transits like those that happen on full moon days or new moon days. During the retrograde period, these planets may sometimes appear with a different aspect as compared to their usual appearance when they are not in the retrograde phase. This can be very confusing for many people who do not know much about this phenomenon and may even cause loss of sleep as well as mis-judgment by astrologers and other persons who have less knowledge about it.


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The phenomenon is more often associated with those who are less fortunate than others, and they can be more likely to have difficulty facing their challenges during this period. This is mainly because these people find it difficult to cope up with whatever issues they have and sometimes can face challenges without having enough support from others around them or even within themselves. The few who know more about this phenomenon will have a better understanding of how to handle the situation.

It is also important to note that retrograde planets are not necessarily bad and good as many people tend to believe that they only have bad effects on people’s lives during their time in retrograde motion but there are also those who believe that they bring positive changes into their lives. This is mainly because some of them actually undergo metamorphosis during their retrograde period where they will experience a change from negative feelings into positive ones. This is very evident when the planet is in its own sign, for example when Venus is in Libra it can bring about a change from negative feelings to positive ones.

What to Expect During Retrograde Period

Retrograde planets will always be the best friends of people who are facing challenges in their lives, especially those who are having difficulty dealing with the problems they have. They will also have a greater influence on people who may not have much knowledge about this phenomenon and may often misjudge them. These people will have an advantage in life because they can help others and guide them to deal with their problems more effectively and also give them better advice to avoid any dangers that may arise during their time in retrograde motion.

Some of these people may find it difficult to cope up with their challenges as they often find it difficult to move forward and sometimes tend to forget what they have learned from the past, however this is not a bad thing because many of them learn from their mistakes and improve from it. They tend to gain more wisdom as well as experience when dealing with whatever issues they have and face during this period, so for those who are wise enough, this can be a good period for them to gain more knowledge and wisdom which can help them achieve great things during their lifetime.

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