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A planet’s movement backwards is called “retrograde” while its stationary position relative to the Sun is called “direct”. The word “retrograde” comes from the Latin word “retrogradus” which means backwards or back walking. It is also called “antigravitational motion” as opposed to “gravitational motion”. A planet’s motion is said to be retrograde when it appears to be moving in the opposite direction of its orbital motion around the Sun. This means that a planet appears to be moving slower than its actual orbital speed or velocity, which is why it appears to move backwards in relation to the stars or Sun.

Planet Retrograde and Astrology

The retrograde motion of a planet is an important part of astrology as it relates to the planets’ placement in the horoscope. A planet’s motion can also be used to help us understand the nature of a person. For example, when we look at a natal chart and see that Mercury is retrograde, we can get an idea of what the person might be like or think about a particular issue.


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A retrograde planet can be considered to have its energy moving in the opposite direction to its orbital motion. This means that its energy tends to expand and contract. This can be interpreted as expansion and contraction of thoughts, emotions and relationships, or something similar such as emotional mood swings or being “in a dark place” for someone with a strong Mercury Retrograde.

When people are experiencing a Mercury Retrograde they might feel emotional changes are happening which cause them great stress or anxiety, but this is not always the case. When there is conflict between two people in their relationship it may appear that they are going through very stressful times when in fact it is only the other person who has experienced these changes. The reason for this is because our minds do not always react directly to what happens around us, but rather it tends to react to what we believe or feel about what is happening.

It is also important to note that the planets retrograde does not necessarily mean that the person experiencing this energy will be going through a period of sadness or negativity. This can be interpreted as a time when things are changing in the relationship, or there is some kind of “change” coming in their life, but it may not be negative at all.

Planets In Retrograde Today

Pluto is currently retrograde and is the last planet to be moving backwards. This means that the Sun will move backwards through the constellations of Virgo, Leo and Gemini in relation to Pluto in Virgo.

This is a time when we can see changes in our relationships, or in our lives generally. It is a time when we can look at our relationships and see that they are going through a change, but it may not be something that is obvious to everyone. This could be because of timing issues, or the other person may not want to talk about what is happening in their relationship.

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