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September 2, 2022by Kim Ashiza0

At Tarostrology, we take the time to test the services offered by Psychics so that you go into a reading well informed. Today we are sharing our experience with Ruby x4812.

Ruby is an amazing psychic. She was able to connect with my twin flame very quickly and relay important information about their relationship. She is also very compassionate and delivered all the messages I didn’t want to hear with truth and integrity. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a psychic who can connect with the energies around them and provide clarity on whatever issue they are calling about.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us! Ruby was able to see the past, present, and future and gave me a great amount of information about myself and my relationships. I am very grateful for her insight!

A very sweet person, warm, welcoming, and helpful. A very gifted reader with incredible knowledge. Will use her again in the future. Thank you, Ruby!


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Ruby was very easy to talk to and has such a calming effect on the reader. She can tune into the person’s energy at all times without ever needing a crystal ball or any other type of psychic tool. The reading was spot on and she gave me some good advice that I will take with me into my future relationships! I would highly recommend her!

Thank you Ruby for all your help! Your guidance was so accurate, as usual. You were able to connect right away with my sister who is having some family issues at the moment which is what she wanted. You also were able to accurately describe who it was that had left her feeling upset at the moment, which helped me come up with an idea of how we could deal with it together which she found very helpful in the long run 🙂 I am grateful for your insights today, thank you so much!! I hope we can talk again soon.

Very genuine and wonderful!

Ruby was so sweet and she had a very calming presence. She is a very intuitive person who can tune into her clients and relay their messages accurately. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a reading!

I highly recommend Ruby as a Psychic Medium, she was able to connect with my twin flame and relay important information about them. Her reading was very accurate and comforting. I do not doubt that if you call her you will be able to receive great guidance from her. She also has a beautiful personality that makes reading all the more enjoyable. Thank you, Ruby!

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