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September 12, 2022by Kim Ashiza0

Tarot cards are a great tool for gaining insight into the heart of your love relationships. Using the Tarot as a way to read your own love relationships is also a wonderful way to see if you are being fair to yourself and your partner.


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Most people who use the Tarot as a tool to understand their relationship, usually start by reading the cards for themselves. Once they feel comfortable with that, they then share their readings with their partner. They may even go so far as to bring in their reading at their partner’s request or, if they know it will help them to gain insight into their relationship, they will do so without prompting from their partner.

Choose 2 Cards:

Two of Cups

The Two Cups signify that you are about to start a new relationship or end an old one. Pledge your loyalty to others. You should put your heart on the line to help them. Express the compassion that you feel. It is possible that the other person you are trying to connect with also feels the same way. But the other person needs to know more about what you are thinking. Two Cups cards give you the best advice for being happy and having a harmonious relationship with someone. This is an opportunity to be at peace with another person or a group of people who share your values.

The Devil

The Devil gives you a wake up call. It means that something awful that is happening to you is holding you back from being who you truly are. It means that a terrible relationship in your life is limiting you. Devil also means that you are addicted to something, including your ex. You might feel like you are trapped. This card is about being bound by material things, stuff, and physicality. You might get so wrapped up in wanting things constantly, that you never feel like you have enough. But the Devil reminds you that you can easily remove the noose that holds you back.

Ten of Swords

If you have made a decision to leave behind a bad chapter in your life, you will be very grateful that you did what was right. If you have a mental picture of a golden sun rising from the ashes of a storm, everything will go better. The Ten Swords is a very serious warning that something very important is about to end. It will change the direction of your life. You should be prepared for the worst, but once that happens, things will worsen. You will only be able to climb up.

Six of Swords

The Six Swords card tells you to not look back, to move forward. If you are having difficulties moving forward, try seeking help. There are many people who can help you. There are many ways to overcome challenges, but you don’t have to do it all alone. When you see the big picture, you will know what needs to be done. When you have made up your mind, you will be able to help others. Now act; there may be no time left for arguing. If you have a clear game plan, the next step is to commit yourself to making those changes.. If you start taking action, people will be very grateful for your thoughtfulness.

The Moon

The Moon is about love. It is about being at peace with who you are and where you are in life. It means that there is something that you want to be able to express to your ex that you are afraid of expressing. You might be worried that they will not like what you have to say or think. The other person may not respond well at first, but this is an opportunity for the two of you to grow closer and be better friends in the long run. This can also be a warning sign that the relationship may not work out in the end if there is a deep sense of unease or discomfort between the two of you when you are alone together.

The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man card shows that you are being held back by a situation in your life. This is not the time to get caught up in what happened in the past with your ex. It is time to learn from it and move on with your life. The Hanged Man is about learning and growth. You can only grow if you know where you are at this moment in time. You can only learn if you know what it is that has brought you to this point in your life. If you don’t know, then this card will give you some insight into why you are where you are right now.

Five of Wands

The Five of Wands advises that we should be able to take some time for ourselves and to learn to say No to certain requests that are made to us. The Five of Wands symbolize conflict or competition. We should start to bring about the changes that we want to see in our lives. Do not wait to have someone else do things for us. Do not view conflict or competing as something that is evil. If you are interested in getting back together with your ex, you will have to initiate the process.

Page of Swords

Maybe you are trying to push too hard or hurry too fast or perhaps you are stepping on others’ feet. This is what the Page of Swords card advises: to remain anonymous even though our image suffers. The Page of Swords card advises to remain very alert and to continue to keep an eye on situations that are urgent. The situation demands that we be very vigilant. It is advisable that you extend an olive branch to your ex. And then wait to see what happens.

The Lovers

The Lovers card means that you and your ex are attracted to each other. This attraction can be romantic or sexual. It is possible that you are attracted to your ex for a variety of reasons. However, this attraction could unfortunately be skin deep. This card also means that you are at peace with who you are and where you are in life. You feel like there is no need to keep hiding who you really are from the world around you. You can show the world what it is that makes you happy and who it is that makes you happy by loving yourself first and foremost.

Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune card shows a change in direction in your life, either up or down, depending on which way the wheel turns when it stops at this card. There may be something coming up in your life right now that will help or hinder your relationship with your ex. The Wheel of Fortune card represents balance and change over time, especially when used as a Tarot reading for someone else’s love relationships, rather than as a reading for yourself. You may expect to get involved with your ex again soon, but your new bond doesn’t have to be romantic in nature.

Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands indicates that you have a lot of potential, but it is up to you to make that happen. The Ace of Wands indicates that you need to act decisively. You will feel stronger when you are able to reconnect with your ex. If you are still hurt by your ex, the Ace of Wands tells you that it is time to stop worrying about their situation and start doing things on your own. It means that you are taking action, that is, you are starting something new. You are finding a new passion, enthusiasm or spark.

Seven of Cups

The Seven Cups card means to relax and allow yourself to daydream. Picture a happy outcome for your life. It is as though your ex has put you into a state of confusion, and now you need to overcome it. The Seven Cups tells us that it is useless agreeing to go back to your ex if you aren’t able to give them the time and attention they deserve. Try hard to determine what you can commit to. It is imperative that you decide what you are going to do and to think realistically about where you are in your life. You need to act now to make your life better, instead of being tempted to dream about your future.

The Fool

The Fool is about being free. You are ready to follow your heart and to be yourself. You don’t have to worry about what others think of you or what they will say if you let yourself be who you really are. The Fool is about learning from your mistakes and living in the moment. It might also mean that you are holding back on pursuing a career or a new relationship because of past hurts or bad experiences in love relationships.


Death is a scary card. It means that you are in danger of losing everything that you love and hold dear. This card can be interpreted as a warning sign or it can be interpreted as an opportunity to change your life and your relationship with the world around you. Death can also mean that there is something missing in your life right now. This is also an opportunity for you to take a step back and reflect on what you have learned from past relationships and from previous mistakes in love relationships.


Justice is about fairness. It means that you need to be fair to yourself and to your partner. This card also means that you are not being held back by past hurts or bad experiences in love relationships. Try to think if getting back with your ex is really what you want. You might be holding back because you are afraid of the emotional pain that might come from getting back together.

The Tower

When the Tower appears, it means that you will have big changes coming. It is important that you assess where you are at this moment and answer honestly if something is failing you. When things really look good, you can expect to experience some changes. The Tower suggests that a major conflict could happen in the next few days or that it is already ongoing. Try to put a stop to it as soon as possible. Having arguments might be a little easier than usual, and you might be thinking about something that needs to be addressed.

Page of Cups

This card advises you to find your true self and to choose your own path. Be true to yourself and what you think. Pay attention to what your emotions are telling you and let them guide you. Make sure that you understand what is necessary and act loyally towards others. It is wise to not be worried about the outcome of any decision. Trust your instincts; if they say you should approach your ex, don’t wait around!

The Sun

The Sun is about the power of being yourself. It means that you are happy with who you are and where you are in life. You are not afraid to be who you really are. Will your ex try to get back together with you? According to this card, that will only come true if you work for it, all the while being true to yourself. That’s the way to make yourself shine to him.

Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups says to be mindful and allow yourself to be delighted by all the strange things that happen in the world. You will benefit as you become second nature to others. The Ace of Cups advice to never forget that each person and every event may be a treasure that someone has hidden inside them. If you care about your ex, cherish them! Take the time to reconnect. Make it a conscious effort to find that precious gem!

Two of Swords

The Two of Swords card is about being indecisive; it represents being held back by our fear; and it represents putting off making a decision. This is a wake up call. It is as though you are waiting for someone to wake you up. You must change your way of thinking to go further. In love, the Two Swords advise you to wait and decide later; you are not ready to decide anything yet. If you want back with your ex, don’t rush into things; let them come to you when the time’s right.


It is my experience that when both partners are willing to accept an honest assessment of the relationship and open themselves up emotionally, an honest assessment of the relationship is often much more useful than some outside person or process.

Tarot cards can be a very useful tool for couples who are struggling with whether or not they should try again after a breakup. The Tarot can help them understand what aspects of their current relationship might make it more difficult for them to have a second chance and how it might impact on the chances of future success if there were another chance at this time.

What Does Tarot Have to Say About My Ex?

Romance is a huge part of any relationship. Even if a relationship ends badly, the way you were together can be incredibly important to the future success of your relationship.

If you are thinking about trying again with your ex, this might be a good time to take a look at your Tarot cards and see what they have to say about your ex. If you have already tried to reconcile with your ex and failed, this is also a good time to take a look at what the Tarot has to say about why that may have happened.

Tarot cards can give you an insight into whether or not there is any hope for reconciliation or whether it would be better for both of you if things remained as they are. You can use the cards to gain insight into what went wrong and why it was difficult for you and for them, or whether it was just one big misunderstanding on both sides.

The card reading does not need to be taken in isolation – it should always be viewed in context with the situation in which it is being used. In order for the reading to be helpful, both partners need to be willing to participate fully in the process and accept that there is no one answer but rather several answers all pointing towards one conclusion.

You may have been through the same things that your ex went through and you may have ended up with a very similar conclusion to the one they did. That does not mean that there is no hope for reconciliation. The cards can help you to understand what you both might need to do in order to make things work again.

The cards can also help you to decide whether or not it would be better for both of you if the relationship ended now. If you do decide that it would be better for both of you if the relationship ended, this may well make it easier for you to say goodbye and let go of your old partner and move on with your life.

How Do I Use Tarot as a Tool for My Relationship?

There are several ways in which Tarot can be used as a tool for understanding your relationship. You could try reading the cards out loud so that your partner can listen in and see if there are any issues that they want addressed at the same time as the issue being discussed between yourself and the cards.

It may also be helpful if both partners participate in their own readings by asking questions about how each card relates to them, what it means and how they feel about it. This way, everyone involved will get the most out of the reading.

There are many different ways in which you can read the cards. You could use a traditional deck and try to follow the instructions given in the book or you could try using an online tool such as an online spread generator. If you prefer to have a physical copy of the cards, you can also use a pack of playing cards and print out your own Tarot reading.

When reading your own Tarot cards, it is important to remember that what is important is what you feel in your heart and soul. There are no right or wrong answers, only answers that feel right for you and what will help you to move forward in your life.

What Are My Options for Getting Help with My Relationship?

If you are struggling with whether or not it would be better for both of you if the relationship ended now, there are several options available to help both of you through this difficult time. If your partner feels that there is hope for reconciliation, they may benefit from talking things over with their family or close friends and getting some outside perspective on how they might deal with things going forward if they decide to continue trying.

If there seems little hope for reconciliation at this time, you may also want to consider getting some professional help. Counseling can be an extremely helpful way to deal with relationship issues. If you do decide to get some professional help, make sure that you feel comfortable with the person you are seeing and that they have experience in dealing with issues of this nature.

Tarot cards can be a great tool for understanding your relationship and seeing what it is that is keeping it from working as well as it could. You can use the cards as a way to help both of you to see what is holding things back from working out between you and your ex!

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