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March 4, 2022by Kim Ashiza0

Wands are generally associated with the Element of Fire. This particular suit represents Fire as it exists in a relationship, as well as any potential for new love to blossom.


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Two of Wands Tarot Card Meaning LoveWhen Wands are depicted in a spread, they often represent one of the primary lovers or people involved in the situation. If you are dealing with an issue regarding a current lover, then your reading will likely center around that person.

On the other hand, if you are looking at a situation where you have been involved with someone in the past, then your reading will likely focus on that relationship.

The image on this card is of two people embracing each other. This can indicate that you have been experiencing emotional turmoil and need to rekindle your relationship with someone who has recently become important to you.

You may be experiencing a resurgence of emotions in regards to someone who has recently been important to you. You may also be experiencing a love that is new and exciting or even feeling like the romance has become stale.

In a relationship, this card can indicate that the relationship is over, but it is not necessarily meant to be a negative thing.

On the other hand, if you are looking at this card in a situation where you are thinking about someone from your past, then you may need to work through your feelings of hurt and anger.

You may need to figure out what went wrong in the relationship if it ended badly or feel like it was all just a waste of time if it ended well.

The love depicted on two of wands card is very pure and true, so even if the relationship ended poorly, it will still have been real and loving at some point.

If you are thinking about an old lover or significant other from your past who you have not seen in years, then this could indicate that they have moved on with their lives and do not wish to speak with you again.

In any case, this card is a positive card in regards to love and romance. It can indicate that the time you spend with someone will be filled with love and happiness.

However, if you are in a situation where you are struggling to feel this way, then it may indicate that your feelings of happiness are superficial and false.

You may need to work through the emotions that have built up from past relationships if they have left you feeling bitter or hurt. You may also need to make some changes in your life if you are unhappy in your current situation.

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