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February 2, 2022by Kim Ashiza0

In her book titled “The Year of Magical Thinking” Acker mentions that the World is one of her favorite cards in the entire deck. She shares that it reminds her of “a beehive with many open mouths” and notes that there are many bees flying around inside it.


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The center of this hive represents a woman in black standing on a giant pair of golden wings that wrap around her body and hold her up like feathers.

World Tarot Card Meaning Love

She is surrounded by bees that fly around her and land on her arms, legs, and face. There are two golden globes floating above her head and one golden ball sitting in the center of each globe.

The image on the card is bright and shiny, but also has a hint of darkness as there are deep shadows behind her in the sky that have not been fully revealed yet. The Queen bee looks like she has just left an important meeting where she was making decisions for the hive to follow.

Inner Reflection

A woman who is wise enough to have a handle on all of life’s transitions will be seen as powerful by those around her.

It’s up to us to create the world that we want to live in, but it is hard to see this on a card. The color palette for this card is bright and shiny, like something that has just been polished or waxed.

Acker suggests that this card represents not only wisdom but also unpredictability as well since it “has no place to land” and “no way to settle down”.

Acker suggests that “it’s good not to know” when trying to understand this card because all of the cards in the deck do have meaning, but she also encourages us not to lose sight of how important our own instincts are when trying to figure out where we should go next.

When our instincts lead us astray or confuse us about what we should do next, it is important for us not to feel too bad about ourselves because “life works out as it must”.

Outer Reflection

A lot of people tend to feel that the World is a happy card, but I feel like Acker has put a different spin on it in her book.

The woman in the card does not have an endless amount of time to spend deciding what is best for everyone else, so she will be forced to make quick decisions and get things done quickly if she wants to keep everyone safe and happy.

Her life may not be perfect or easy, but she will do what needs to be done so that the rest of her hive can survive and thrive.

It’s important for us to find our own way and live our own lives in the most powerful way possible. We are each very different individuals with different strengths and weaknesses and we must accept these things if we want to live our lives fully.

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